Friday, 12 July 2019

Tennis at Wimbledon

   Thought I had better get a post in today or my followers (such as you are, not too many I think) in case you think I have "shaken off this mortal coil".

   It's been a busy week with the family here and my own usual activities. I won't go over everything but today I was out extremely early to help set up the "Wimbledon Brunch" at the tennis club. It was a great spread (all pot luck) ranging from home baked scones, muffins, croissants and cake to strawberries and cream. Also crackers, cheese, watermelon, cherries, soft drinks and, of course, lots of coffee on tap all morning. We played tennis, watched the Men's semifinal matches, played more tennis and chatted. We had a huge turnout, close to 60 people (as we usually do when there is free food on offer) and tons of food left over. People were going home with almost as much as they brought! 

   I was home by 12:30, had a swim, a nap and then spent almost an hour getting a new gas tank for the BBQ - several false starts before I finally found the best deal. Tonight I plan to barbecue some chicken souvlaki that I found in the freezer (probably Judy's) and will have it with salad and sweet potato. Then an early night, methinks!


  1. Well I'm glad you're still posting ... several folks were missing from church to watch the final Wimbledon games. Afternoon summers in the summer are sometimes the best way to deal with all that sunshine. I also found some chicken souvlaki in the freezer (Costco's) Mr Man said, please don't buy again! Happy week ahead.

  2. I think it was also from Costco and very good it was too!