Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Summer With a Vengeance

   Terribly hot today - I think I may be sleeping in the basement tonight. I walked to and back from the senior's centre and, although it is air conditioned, I came home quite exhausted after my exercise class and kitchen duty. I had a swim when I got home and again after doing some errands. The car was like an oven!

     The thermometer in the upper floor of my house is off the scale which means it is over 30C. Downstairs is set to 24C but feels much hotter. It must be the humidity, plus I have the oven on. Maybe not the smartest thing to be cooking today but I had defrosted some chicken thighs.

   The lizard is enjoying the heat. I checked with grandson and it is a Leopard Gecko. He gobbled up his meal worm this morning and actually took a stroll around the tank. But Holly and I, not so much. She is sprawled out on a cool surface by the air vent.



  1. I just wilt in those kind of temperatures. We have sun today but quite a strong cool wind out there. Good for my last bits of washing.

  2. It was +25 by 10:30 yesterday (Wed), so we finished our walk & stayed inside ensuring we had lots of water - that +34 humidity just drains me ... Holly has the right idea. Hopefully you get to enjoy the pool over the next few days

    1. The pool has reached 80F so we will all be in!