Saturday, 27 July 2019

Bounty From the Garden

    Two gigantic zucchinis, not from my garden, one from Judy and one from a friend. But what to do with them? The friend has promised to send me a recipe for a chocolate zucchini cake (she gave me a sample and it was very tasty) and Judy made lunch yesterday with grated zucchini, eggs and cheese baked in individual ramekins which was also very good. Maybe some muffins - I will have to Google a recipe.

   It has been a beautiful day - still quite warm but with a bit of a breeze. I had a swim this afternoon (the pool is now clear) and got quite cool after, even though I was sitting in the sun. Perfect weather for being outdoors. I spent the afternoon reading my current book, "After I'm Gone" by Laura Lippman.


  1. Chocolate zucchini cake, don't think I have ever had that - sounds wonderful. And a breeze can make all the difference on a summer day; it sounds like yours was perfect.

  2. Hot again today but not unbearable. I played tennis this morning for an hour. I made the zucchini cake this afternoon. It doesn't look quite like Cathy's but I'm sure it will taste good.