Sunday 2 June 2019

The End of the Chicken

     Yesterday's dinner. I have finally finished the whole chicken I cooked last Sunday. Two nights eating the legs and wings, one meal of the breast in gravy, one chicken salad and two meals when I made chicken rissoles from the rest of the breast meat. Phew!

    I also made a pot of barley soup using the carcass and it is still on the go, so several more lunches. That's pretty good for an $8 chicken!

I usually buy the Halal birds as they are quite a bit less expensive than the regular birds and taste just as good. In fact, I think they are juicier.

   Having said all that, I don't think I will be cooking chicken again for a while!


  1. That bird owes you nothing! That is truly amazing how many meals you got from one roast chicken. I've never heard of chicken rissoles, I'll look that recipe up because if your photo is of the rissoles, oh tasty looking!

  2. It's basically chicken white meat, well chopped and mixed with spices, green onions and some mayo, then shaped into patties, dipped in egg, rolled in Panko crumbs and shallow fried. They were good!