Thursday 27 June 2019

Heating Up

   Things muddle along with my houseful of guests. This was the grandkids last day of school before the summer break. They all got reasonably good report cards. It was a half day for them and a friend invited them for an afternoon at her pool (unlike me she keeps it well heated), and they got home around 5:30.

    Tomorrow they have no school but Judy has to go in for the morning to tidy her room. Then it will truly be vacation time!

    I had just over an hour of tennis this morning but it was blisteringly hot and I came home very red in the face and just a bit nauseated. We had a very tight match - played a tiebreak at 5-5 (we were all just too hot by then) and Kathy and Paul won 7-5. I was just relieved I was able to walk off the court!

    I had a nice cooling swim when I got home - the pool is in the mid 70'sF but still refreshing. Then I met some Probus friends for lunch, vegetable quesadillas, then home for a nap. Since then I have been reading my new book which I think I will thoroughly enjoy.

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  1. Oh yes it was hot & humid yesterday & today - I think the sudden rise has caught us all off guard. That refreshing swim for you sounds like a perfect way to cool off & then to relax with a good book. Happy Canada Day.