Wednesday 5 June 2019

An Indoor Day

   Miserable day, cold and rainy, but as I was at the Senior's Centre most of it, I wasn't too put out. I gave in and turned the heating back on this afternoon as I was just so chilled. Tomorrow is supposed to be more summery.

   I spent an hour this afternoon sorting through the bins of books from the RWTO used book sale. Some I am keeping to start us off in September, some will go to the Senior's Centre and the rest will go to Value Village. I will get a coupon to spend there so I will have a mooch around and see what's new. I am meeting Donna for lunch at "Rosemary and Thyme" on Friday and it's in the same plaza, so will kill two birds with one stone!

   Next week is the RTO meeting and I have agreed to make the arrangements as my (truly) last act as Secretary. No one else has volunteered to take over but, as the next meeting isn't until September, perhaps someone will be found over the summer to take on the job!

   I have been working hard in the garden this week and almost have a bed ready to plant the potatoes that Judy gave me. The soil is pure clay which made it such hard work, but I will add some compost and lighter soil to make it more manageable. It's where my raspberry bushes used to be - no wonder they didn't thrive! I have moved them closer to the fence so hope they like that location better.


  1. Always feels so good to work in the garden doesn't it?! I was surprised by how many books we received for the church garage sale. Seems everyone is sorting out. We have so many left we are setting up a table at the local Farmer's Market each Wednesday. Good luck with your potatoes & remember to sit on your hands during the next RTO meeting so you don't volunteer by accident (lol).