Saturday 8 June 2019

A Couple of New Finds

   Last week, on garbage pickup day, one of my neighbours had this lamp sitting at her curb. I wandered by and asked her if it worked - she was working in her garden - so now it is mine! It is perfect for when I am reading in my new chair.

     I had some books to donate to Value Village last week and received a 20% off coupon so bought a new (to me) toaster oven to replace my rather battered but well used one. It is so useful when cooking small meals. Tonight I will use it to broil a piece of fish for dinner.


  1. I think Value Village in the big cities are so much better than ones in smaller communities. Good find on the lamp! -Jenn

  2. What a great find. I haven't been to Value Village in such a while, I need to go looking to see what they have.

  3. I was absolutely delighted to stumble upon your blog today, particularly when I realized that you must live quite near me. I am in Thornhill, Ontario. How do I subscribe?

  4. Not sure that you need to subscribe but you could "follow" my blog. There should be a button for that. I'm in Scarborough, just a bit south of you I guess.