Saturday, 27 September 2014

Summer Still Here

      This week we have had fabulous weather and it still continues. Actually it has been too hot a couple of days, but it does cool down at night.

   After tennis yesterday we went to the Pickle Barrel for lunch. I had a lobster grilled cheese sandwich and a Caesar salad - yummy!! Also a beer so I was out for the count 2 minutes after arriving back home. Dancing at Westview Church in the evening but we were locked out of the kitchen so couldn't have our usual tea and cookies. A prayer meeting was in progress in the lower hall. How dare they!! Everyone was very disappointed as this is our favourite part of the evening!

   Today I set up my garage sale junk and managed to get rid of some of it. By 11:30 all the good stuff was gone and customers were few and far between so I closed up shop with about $40 in hand. Not a bad morning's work!

   With my profits I went to Metro and picked up a nice salmon fillet which I will cook shortly with corn and potatoes. I also have some 50% off lemon yogurt to eat up so dinner is all set.

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