Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First Day of Fall

    Temperature in the  low 20's today after a chilly day yesterday. The kids were here as it was a P.A. day in York Region and we did manage an hour at the park but it wasn't very nice. Today was much more pleasant and lots turned out for tennis. We had one mishap - one of our older players collapsed in the parking lot and we had to send for the ambulance. She is OK now and back home but it gave us all a bit of a scare. 

    I have been eating venison stew for the last few days. I added carrots and the last of the new potatoes from the garden. Tonight I will also have garlic mashed potatoes and tomorrow (if there is any left) green beans. It is tasty enough, quite tender (I cooked it in the slow cooker) but, honestly, tastes much like regular beef stew - and was twice the price! I don't think I will be indulging again.

   The pool is closed for the season - ironically the last couple of days are the only days in September when I might have been tempted to take a dip! However, it's better to get it put away earlier than later. One less chore to take care of before winter arrives.

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