Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Trip continued...

   We have had a most Spring like day today - I even sat outside without my jacket for a while soaking up the rays. However, more snow is forecast for tomorrow so winter is not over yet!

Monday, Feb. 23
   Arrived at Punta Gorda, Belize in the early hours and after breakfast boarded a tender for a very bumpy ride to shore. It was quite thrilling actually, although some on board were not impressed! We saw an iguana in the trees by the shore but no time to capture it on film.

A stella at Nimi-Li-Punit
   We visited two Mayan sites, Nimi Li Punit and Lubaantum, very quiet restful places and the weather was most pleasant. However, the roads there were extremely rough and bumpy. It is extraordinary how these sites were built, seemingly the stones were brought from a nearby river and carved to fit. One interesting location was a ball court where the Mayans played "pok-ta-pok", a game played with a large rubber ball and using only elbows, knees and thighs. Rumour has it that the winners were executed!

This is a quaint, rustic boarding house in Placencia. All the houses were painted pastel colours and had multi-coloured signs outside.

The Ball Court - most sites had one.

Back to the ship for lunch, buffet style, while the ship sailed up the coast to a small seaside resort called Placencia. Another tender ride to the dock and an hour or two browsing the shops - didn't buy anything - and wandering the beach. The sand was beautiful and the sea a light greeny-blue.  Gorgeous, the most Caribbean of the places we had so far visited. Belize used to be a British colony  so the official language is English. The toucan is its national bird, although we didn't see any.

Tuesday, Feb.25
   Overnight we once again sailed north to spend another  day in Belize at the Cockscomb Nature Preserve. The rainforest was very impressive but little in the way of wildlife to see except for some parakeets and a few paw prints in the mud. We had a long hike to a waterfall where we had a dip before heading back. 
Yes, that's me in the pool, cooling off after the hike!
Another lecture that evening on the Mayan to prepare us for the next day's site.

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