Thursday, 13 March 2014

Digging Out

   I had to resort to pushing the snow aside as my shoulder wasn't up to lifting it. But there's enough room for the car and tomorrow it should start to melt.

Friday, Feb. 28

   Ship docked for the last time at Puerto Morales, Mexico. This is the port for Cancun and very busy with another (huge!) cruise ship. We had a slightly later start to the excursion so I did a stretching class with Cherie before breakfast. I've skipped quite a few of these but it's a great way to start the day.
   The bus ride to Tulum was just 1 hour where you arrive at a huge shopping centre, then a little train ride and a short walk to the entrance. This is a really big site, well laid out with lots of explanatory signs. It was also the busiest we have encountered as there are many resorts along the coast who do day trips to the site every day. Our guide was rather pedantic in his descriptions so I wandered off and followed at a distance, doing my own reading. The biggest temple was that of the "Descending God" which overlooks the ocean with a magnificent beach at the foot of a steep path down the cliff. Very impressive! Unfortunately I got separated from my group, took a wrong turn and had to retrace my steps back to the entrance. Arrived with minutes to spare before the bus departed. I wasn't the last, though!

   Back at the ship for a special lunch with roast beef and all the trimmings PLUS the usual buffet! I may have overdone it slightly as I had to skip dinner as I was feeling rather queezy. This was a shame as it was the Captain's Farewell dinner and I'm sure I would have enjoyed it. Before that, another talk by Temu regarding our departures on the morrow - we all had to leave the boat by 9:00 a.m. but in instalments.

Saturday, Mar. 1

   With our departures synchronized we had one last task - Mexican Customs. Before we could leave for the airport we were thoroughly searched - not sure what for but we had been warned not to bring any food off the ship. Finally we arrived at Cancun Airport and, after 5 hours I was aboard the flight back to Toronto - quite uneventful except I had to buy food for the plane as none was included. I got home shortly before midnight, tired but relieved to be in my own bed and with pleasant memories of the trip. Here's one....

One of many beautiful sunsets on the ship.

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