Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Long Gap

   I feel very guilty about neglecting my blog for nearly two weeks but will gradually catch up over the next few days. Due to a mix-up with my medications (my own fault, I took a double dose of one drug and a half dose of the other!) I have had a recurrence of the symptoms from last summer and only today am feeling back to something close to normal. Luckily, this all occurred after I got back from my trip.

   It's still very cold and wintry here - morning temperatures in the minus double digits - so no relief in sight for more Spring-like weather. The snow remains stubbornly on the ground and we have even had a further accumulation this past week. It will be some time until we see bare ground and several weeks more until the ground is ready for planting. In the Prairies, they say, the ground is frozen to more than a metre's depth and it will be summer until it has thawed out, so we are luckier here.

   I hope to load the photos from my trip soon but here's one to be going on with. It was taken in Placencia, a little tourist town in Belize - all coral sand, blue sea and quaint little shops, bars and boarding houses (couldn't really call them hotels, they were too rustic). The photo was taken by one of the crew from the ship and included in a CD we got on disembarking.


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