Sunday, 30 March 2014

Last Day on the Hills

   Great day skiing with the grandkids . Elliot decided he wanted to try the "Puddle Jump" but I left before he got his turn so I don't know yet how wet he got!

  I hadn't seen the kids skiing at all this year so surprised them by showing up at Brimacombe. I was there quite early and had several runs before they got there. James has come along amazingly for his first year on skis. He is quite independent on the easy hills. Natalie is beginning to line up her skis in parallel position, progress from last year. We had an amazing blue sky all day and my face feels quite hot. After a hearty lunch I only took a couple more runs as the snow was getting quite slushy. So I left the young folks to their own pursuits and headed home for a nap and a soak in the tub. That will be the last day, for me at least, as I will pack away my skis and boots until next winter.

   Dinner tonight is one of my favourites - Tuscan Chicken. The recipe is from Frances Mayes memoir "Under the Tuscan Sun", and contains artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and chick peas as well as chicken legs, a one-pot meal which makes for easy clean up. Yesterday I made Impossible Pie - not an outstanding success but tasty enough. The pie crust is actually created on top from coconut and you invert it after letting it cool slightly - quite ingenious!

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