Sunday, 23 March 2014

Still wintry

   Chilly day today, although sunny. Steve was over for a couple of hours this morning to help me tidy up after the basement renovation. We took some surplus materials back to Home Depot, stopped in at Starbucks for a coffee and then he moved furniture back into the basement and stapled down some wires that had to be removed before the floor was laid. He is quite useful and handy at times! Luckily, Alison could spare him as she was at the barn for a morning riding Mischief.

   Last weekend Judy and I had a pleasant morning skiing at Brimacombe. The conditions were pretty good, although they started to get a bit slushy as the day progressed,  and it wasn't at all cold. We got in quite a few runs in the morning but I faded very quickly after lunch so we headed home around 1:30. We had car pooled so she drove home, giving me a chance to recoup my energy.

James checking the weather report on Friday.

   On Saturday I had an early start, heading for the West End Workshop in Brampton.  We had two sessions in the morning, a nice lunch and another session in the afternoon. Then some fun dances until 4:30 when we were served afternoon tea (yummy) before heading home. Needless to say, I didn't need dinner!

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