Saturday 29 March 2014

Fresh Pasta

 I very seldom eat pasta but had a hankering for Lasagna today and decided to try my hand at making pasta from scratch.

  I found some videos on You Tube and, after watching them, decided I was ready to go it alone. First thing was to buy some semolina flour and I may not have bought the correct kind as it was rather grainy instead of being smooth like flour.  The dough was hard to roll out and I don't think I got it thin enough. However, I cooked the pasta sheets for a few minutes and then started building the lasagna.

   Now, with the addition of a veggie tomato sauce and a layer of spinach and cottage cheese in between, it may taste OK. Lots of mozzarella cheese on top and between the layers will also improve the taste. It certainly looks like lasagna! 
   As I suspected, the pasta was a bit heavy, but I managed to make a meal of it regardless. In fact, I will be eating it for several more days - it is rather filling!

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