Thursday, 12 September 2013

At the Zoo

   Monday was Grandparent's Day at the zoo so James and I made a morning of it. Lots of seniors and grandparents with kids in tow. The Pandas were hiding but we did manage a couple of photos. The Cape Penguins were no-shows but we did get a good look at the Polar Bears. My favourite sightings were a small Arctic Fox very obligingly snoozing near the fence and two White Owls. James was reluctant to leave but we made it home for lunch without him falling asleep in the car, so he had a good nap in the afternoon.

   Today much more pleasant so had an hour of tennis this morning. It had rained overnight which brought the temperature down and provided more comfortable sleeping conditions. More rain this afternoon, just as I was about to cut the grass - will postpone until tomorrow.

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