Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Busy Weekend

    As well as my usual chores on a Saturday (shopping, laundry etc.) I spent the afternoon at Eastminster Church where we were holding the Scottish "Culture Days" celebration.  Arrived there at 1:00 p.m. without having had any lunch and helped set up. Lots of Scottish paraphernalia, including a piper to attract people to the event, and Keith was on hand to take the visitors through some Ceilidh dances. Then we had snacks - luckily someone brought sausage rolls as I was starving! Then some more dances; by this time there were more volunteers than visitors so we ended around 4:00  and headed home. A light supper (still full from the sausage rolls) and some TV then off to bed.

   Today I decided to give tennis a miss. After all the dancing yesterday I was late getting up. However, I managed to fill the day with gardening chores; there is always a lot to do around the garden in the Fall. I picked this humungous tomato for my lunch - it weighed more than half-a-pound - but it will likely be the last to ripen on the vine as the rest are still very green.  There's still most of it left for another day. I also picked three yellow cherry tomatoes and there are some more of them almost ready. Tonight is smoked salmon on crostini and cream cheese - my version of bagels and lox - and liver and mushrooms with some left-over quinoa. Shouldn't need any dessert after that feast!

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