Thursday, 10 September 2020

One thing After Another

    Tennis was a bit of a washout today - it wasn't actually raining but the courts were very slick so we had to be careful. Susan and I just hit for about an hour which is actually good practice and requires quite a bit of energy. The others felt it wasn't safe to play. We will try again tomorrow.

   I was home in time for the monthly RTO meeting which was on Zoom again. It  was a bit tedious but I managed not to volunteer for anything new! While on Zoom the guys arrived to install my new bedroom windows (I was quite happy to excuse myself for a bit!). They had that done lickety split and did a great job. Steve helped me re-install the draperies so everything is back to normal again.

The view of my favourite corner of the garden seen from my NEW bedroom window! The sedum is doing well this year - the bees love it.


  1. Husband started closing the pool yesterday. There definitely wouldn't have been any more pool days with the night time temperatures we've been having. Enjoy your new windows! -Jenn

    1. Thanks! They are so clean right now - I wish they would stay that way!

  2. What a great view from your new window. Your sedum is so upright, mine is flopping over!?