Tuesday, 15 September 2020

     A lovely Fall day today - started off chilly but soon warmed up. We played tennis for almost two hours this morning and I was able to sit outside reading for some time this afternoon. My favourite kind of day!

Another of my house guests.

The pool now has its winter cover. It will stay like this until next May.

Can't seem to find out how to delete images in the new Blogger format. Anyone have a suggestion?


  1. Had the same problem. So no. Love the cat.

  2. I like your latest house guest, so seeing multi photos of him/her is a treat. I'm still using Legacy Blogger, so I cannot help you with the multi photo issue.

  3. Well someone has a cozy spot and will be ready for the cooler temps.

    I have noticed that Blogger has been fooling around with picture function. It keeps changing how you change size, etc. While I was working on a post early today, I was just able to click on the photo to highlight it and then hit the delete button on my keyboard. I don't know if that works on a mobile device. Hope that helps.

  4. No suggestions on how to delete pictures on the new blogger. I have resorted to returning to the old blogger to post photos. I got tired of them taking up the whole space in the new format.

    God bless.