Thursday, 4 October 2018


    Yesterday, while at the Senior's Centre, there was a shooting just down the street - someone killed. We were on "lockdown" for a couple of hours but I managed to get home by leaving by the back of the building. The roads were closed off causing traffic chaos but, luckily, I had walked there. All the schools in the area were also on lockdown so it was a very traumatic situation for everyone concerned. That is just a bit too close for comfort!

   A very peculiar day weatherwise today. I woke up to all my windows heavily misted over and the outdoor temperature a good 8 degrees warmer than inside the house. Gradually the house warmed up but then the wind turned around to come from the north and the temperature began to drop. We had a high of 22C but tomorrow it is back to the low 'teens, currently 15C. No tennis today but I went down to the rather wet courts and hit against the backboard for half an hour. That was my exercise for the day.

    Book Club this afternoon and we had a very lively discussion. Everyone enjoyed the book, "The Boys on the Boat" by Dan Brown, and we had several new members who, I think, will fit right in. Good times!


  1. Chris that would be a very scary time to be in an active lockdown. Toronto is becoming or it is already a war zone of daylight shootings & attacks.

    Dan Brown has a new book - I must check that out. Be safe & Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I should have said Daniel Brown - not the author of the fiction books.

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