Tuesday, 9 October 2018

End of Outdoor Tennis

   Currently highly frustrated with the space bar (is it still called that?) on my computer sticking. It will work fine for a while then requires lots of fiddling to get it to respond. Makes me want to throw the machine across the room. It is worst on Facebook which requires using it a lot. I hope I don't have to replace the computer!

   I did a bad thing today! We had a pot luck lunch for our last day of Kaffeeklatsch and I was helping to clear up afterwards. The food had been sitting out for a couple of hours and most people had left so I started dumping the leftover food in the bin so I could wash the last of the dishes. However, unbeknownst to me, someone who was still on the courts, playing, wanted her contribution saved and was quite upset with me no matter how I apologised. So now I am in her bad books!

    It was a gorgeously warm day and we had lots of fun playing our last few sets. Tomorrow the bubble goes up but my other club will have the nets up until the end of the month. Then we start playing indoors, just not as often.


  1. Oops - did the lady on the courts tell anyone that she wanted her contribution saved? If she can't accept your heartfelt apology then she needs to deal with it. Maybe offer to make the dish yourself for her ...
    I hear you about computer keyboards - although most of my problems come from a big cat wanting to sit on the keyboard when I'm trying to use! Don't throw it - have you tried vaccuming the keyboard to get out any possible dust build up or crumbs - I say crumbs because sometimes I eat while keyboarding. (my bad).

  2. Could very well be crumbs - will give it a try!