Wednesday 10 October 2018

Getting Excited!

    Just a tidy-up day today - I`m off on vacation tomorrow so won`t be posting for a couple of weeks. I did go into the Senior`s Centre to work in the kitchen this afternoon but it is still very quiet. The main room is being used as an advance polling station so no classes until next week, but there was a surprising number of voters. Bonus was that I got my voting done without an extra drive!

   So up early tomorrow to finish packing, garbage out and bathrooms cleaned. I will leave the house at 11:30 to be at the airport for 1:40 (I`m taking TTC) Then the flight (10 hours) leaves at 4:40, and arrives in Athens the next morning at 9:30 their time. I will be exhausted but should recover quickly. I`m really excited as I have never visited Greece and don`t know how many more overseas trips I still have in me. Hope it goes well!

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  1. Safe journey - have fun & cannot wait to see all your photos.