Friday 7 September 2018


   Thought I had better do an update as we seemed to have turned the corner on the hot humid weather and now have (almost) Fall-like temperatures. I have managed a swim the last two days but the water in the pool is definitely cooling off so there may not be too many more dips.

   Yesterday was the RTO meeting then we went for lunch at Cora's. This is an all-day Breakfast place and I had a chicken and avocado burger. It came with salad and a bowl of spicy soup so I was well filled when we left. Watched the women's semis at the U.S. Open in the evening and Serena and Naomi Osaka will be in the final tomorrow. No bets on who's going to win!

    A long morning at tennis today - I seemed to have to take on a lot of jobs, coffee making and cleanup, selling tickets for the annual party and keeping the courts filled. We had over 50 players throughout the course of the morning, not all at the same time fortunately, and the waits were rather long. I finally got a couple of sets once the crush was over. I got home at 1:40, had lunch and a rest, then went to get my hair cut. Busy day!

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