Saturday 8 September 2018


    Sore back today. I often have a very stiff lower back, usually in the mornings or if I have been sitting too long. But this time it is my upper right back, right on my shoulder blade. No idea what caused it although I had a pretty strenuous set of tennis yesterday. Kathy and I took on a couple of team players and they had us running all over the court. Naturally, they beat us soundly but it was an excellent game.

   So today I have just taken things easy - usual Saturday chores and watching the Women's final - surprise, Serena went down in straight sets!


  1. Chris I do hope that a restful weekend has helped with your stiffness & soreness ... it is so good that you pay attention to your body's need for healing & rest.

  2. Feeling a bit better today but cutting back on tennis this week.