Sunday 22 February 2015

A White Covering

   It hasn't been so cold the last couple of days but we have had snow - and lots of it! I have finally got the driveway cleared - my snowblower was only going in fits and starts, I think I didn't have the battery charged enough. I have left it charging overnight and will give it a go in the morning to see if that's the problem.

   I have started collecting all the paraphernalia I will need for my trip and will start packing tomorrow. The temperature in Portugal is mid-teens so a lot warmer than here. By the time I come home at the end of March it should be positively balmy!

   My fish pie yesterday was yummy and, as predicted, lots of leftovers, so no need to cook tonight.  I managed to squeeze in lots of vegetables and the cheesy (and garlicy) potato topping was delicious! I love one-dish meals, so easy to prepare and clean up. I still have some yogurt to eat up so that will be dessert along with some fruit. All the rest of the perishables will go with Judy on Tuesday when she comes to take me to the airport. I am getting quite excited!

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