Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Snowed In!

   It has snowed all day and the wind has blown it into huge drifts. My driveway was covered up to at least 20 cms. so I have been marooned here until I can dig through it sufficiently to get my car out. Judy made it here to pick up James and, I presume, made it home to Markham. The main roads are well trampled with constant traffic and most have been cleared at least once. Our side street, however, is still a bit of a mess as the plough won't be round until later tonight. Of course that will mean a huge windrow across the bottom of my driveway as well as the snow that has fallen.

   I was out twice to shovel but each time the wind just filled in what I had cleared. Now I will leave it until tomorrow and tackle it when I am fresh and rested. I have had several calls to fill in for teachers tomorrow but have declined them all - no way to get there until I can dig myself out. I am just as happy to stay home with a good book in my nice warm house!

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