Saturday, 8 February 2014


   Used up a large orange and two rather wrinkled lemons and got almost three jars of marmalade. For once I managed to reach the setting point temperature so I think I have  got the hang of it - finally! I used a different pot and that seemed to make a difference.

   Just to see how much snow we have had this winter I took some photos of the snow piles along my driveway. I am running out of space to put the snow so I hope we don't get too much more. It is becoming quite an effort to loft each shovellfull over my head to the top of the pile!  I also inserted a 30 cm ruler into the snow on my driveway before I shovelled it. You can see the snow is higher than the ruler. Also the windrow that the snowplough dumped across the bottom of my driveway is twice as tall as the ruler!

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