Saturday, 15 February 2014

Repair Completed

   Yesterday was a little different from normal. James was here but we had been invited to a Valentine's Day Party at the Early Years Centre in the afternoon so spent most of the morning at home. We had a brief excursion to the library and Walmart to buy some more seed bells for the birds as they are clamouring for more food and I am happy to oblige.

  After lunch we headed out for the party - it was a great success, more kids and parents than usual and lots of activities which James joined in enthusiastically. His favourite thing was "snack time" - fruit, crackers and cheese and a big cake. He had seconds of everything! The local MPP showed up and circulated with her aides promoting her programs. I guess it's part and parcel of what's needed to retain her position. We are expecting a Provincial election this Spring.

   Today I had to stay home for the repair man to come and check my gas fire. I was pretty sure I needed a new remote (the only way to turn it on and off) and, sure enough, that was his verdict. It's 5 years old so was past its shelf life (even with new batteries) so I can't complain. However, I did complain about the price - $200 for the remote and $100 for the technician's time. I did ask at the store for a new remote but they said it had to be "re-programmed", thus the need for a hefty labour charge.

  It has been quite pleasantly mild for the last two days, and sunny. Maybe we have seen the last of the nasty weather. One can only hope. Dinner tonight is leftovers but I am into the wine and  snacks already (smoked mackerel) so will postpone dinner for an hour or two.

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