Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Good Book

   I started a new library book today and I think I will really get into it. It is "Just One Evil Act" by Elizabeth George. It's an Inspector Lynley crime mystery, following up on his last adventure which I read last year.

   I had several errands to run this morning, mostly successful. First I headed to the hardware store to change my order for the basement floor. I had ordered laminate flooring but, because of the drain, I was advised by the installer to go with a vinyl product. Once that was done I headed to the store that sold me my gas fire - the remote wasn't working ( it could turn on but not off - quite scary!) and I was hoping all I needed was a replacement. No such luck - I will need a whole new ignition system plus the cost of the technician to install it. Very annoying! Lastly I hit Walmart for more bird seed bells and some dish detergent. Mission accomplished and the little sparrows will be happy tomorrow.

   No problems with the weather today but another big dump of snow is forecast for tonight and into tomorrow morning, so driving might be a bit tricky until it is over. Then back to the shovelling detail! It seems to have been never ending this winter.

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