Thursday, 15 August 2013


   I made a tasty dinner yesterday, rotini pasta tossed in a cheesy veggie sauce. It started with an onion, then I added a couple of mushrooms, a tomato from the garden, sun-dried tomatoes and, finally a couple of ounces of goat cheese to make a sauce and, lastly some shrimp from the freezer. This time I defrosted and peeled the shrimp first which made for easier eating. It made a huge plateful but was so good I ate the whole thing!

   Tonight I have a big corn cob from the farmer's market - picked this morning - and garlic and bacon mashed potatoes. Some cherry tomatoes from the garden will round off the meal. Sadly, there are only a few tomatoes left on the vine but I am enjoying them while they last.

   I hit a bit on the tennis courts this morning but not able to run for any balls yet. Will try again tomorrow.

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