Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Almost Back to Normal

   Woke up feeling good yesterday and managed to play two sets of tennis this morning. I think the secret was a good long break between sets! Spent an hour or so over coffee and chats with friends. It was a perfect day for tennis - quite cool, a mix of sun and clouds and with a bit of a breeze. Surprisingly, for August, the temperature only reached 21C.

   I went to a movie in the afternoon - Tuesday is "cheap" day at the movies! The film was "Blue Jasmine", a Woody Allen film quite different from his usual light comedies. Kate Blanchett gave an outstanding performance as a disgraced socialite having to endure reduced circumstances. You couldn't help feeling sorry for her although she definitely deserved her comeuppance.

   I picked up some sushi on the way home for a supper treat. Can't believe I ate the whole thing! But it was yummy.

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