Monday, 12 August 2013

Feeling Better

   This has been one eventful week! As well as doing 6 shifts at Roger's Cup I spent a whole day at the emergency department getting a load of test for my sore back and hips. I had gone to my GP early that morning thoroughly exasperated with the lack of improvement so he sent me to Emergency. Mostly I sat around waiting but, finally at 5:00 p.m. the doctor arrived with a diagnosis and a prescription. Next day I felt considerably better but I think there will need to be some tinkering with the dosage to get me back to normal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well before I depart for Spain on the 25th.

Women's Final live in Toronto
   Roger's Cup is over for another year - we (the volunteers, not the players!) had a great party after the Final on Sunday and said our goodbyes until next August. No rain outs but a couple of the players withdrew which made for a rather lacklustre field. Great excitement at the Men's Tournament in Montreal as two Canadians got to the semi-finals. One went on to the Final but wasn't able to put up much of a performance, probably exhausted by the preceding matches. 
Men's Final on the big screen from Montreal

   Judy and the boys came over for lunch today - Elliot actually got in the pool for half-an-hour although it wasn't a very warm day. He is quite a little fish! Natalie is at dance camp this week and I am interested to hear how she likes it. Elliot's outdoor camp was a big success, by all accounts. 

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