Thursday 9 February 2023

Of Marmalade, Chocolate and Cabbage

 Regarding Marmalade:  I go through a lot of marmalade! I like a fairly thick dose on my breakfast toast. The jar I am currently using was a Christmas gift from my daughter (her "Best in Show" from the food division of Markham Fair and it is yummy). But it is coming to an end so, today, I decided to make my own.

   I haven't seen the Seville oranges in the stores yet but I had a lemon and a tangelo orange which would do. I also didn't have any pectin but used the "setting point" method to determine when it was ready to jar. It came out beautifully! It was a doddle to make and although just two jars, will last me until my next grocery shop.

Regarding chocolate:  I have expunged (i.e.eaten) all chocolate from the house (that includes choc. chips from the baking cupboard) and won't buy any until after St. Valentine's Day when there will probably be some bargains. Then comes the long haul from Shrove Tuesday (Feb. 21st. I think) until Easter when I will abstain from chocolate and alcohol for Lent. At the moment I am down to just a couple of drinks a week which is a good start. Easter lunch will no doubt be celebratory!

Regarding cabbage: Feeling in the need for something green, and lettuce and broccolli being a ridiculous price, I bought a small cabbage almost two weeks ago. Despite having made two casseroles and eaten some at almost every meal, there is still a fair portion of it left! It's still quite fresh so I will munch away until it is gone and by then I will be well and truly sick of it. The casseroles were the best way to use it up and several portions of each are in the freezer.

    Since it was wet almost all day today (very unusual for February here) I got yogurt started in my Instapot. I haven't bought yogurt since January as I am using half a cup of each batch to start the next one. I don't think I am saving much money but I am cutting back on plastic by using the original container for each new batch. Yay to me for helping the environment!


  1. Marmalade.. love it, have it on my toast also. Chocolate.. like it once in awhile but, really not a fan. Cabbage.. there is a portion of it in my fridge too, thanks for the reminder, it must get used, either cooked or raw, like it both ways.
    Congrats on making your own yogurt and saving the planet from more plastic.

  2. I am a serious chocoholic so going without is pure deprivation!

  3. Cabbage seems to last and extraordinarily long time. Hmmm, Lent..... What to do, must think on it.

    God bless.

  4. I like marmalade & I buy a three fruit blend so well done making your own. You make it sound like it was an easy make, so maybe with that encouragement I'll give making my own. Thankfully Lent is just over a week away so enjoy your treats until then :)

    1. Yes, I like the three fruit blend too. I used a candy thermometer to get it to the setting point.

  5. I've just written on my blog that the button threw itself off my shorts this morning just as I was going to the gym. Perhaps giving up chocolate for Lent would be good for me too.

  6. I am pretty sure I could give up chocolate before I could give up alcohol. I do like a glass of wine with dinner, much like you enjoy your marmalade at breakfast.