Thursday 9 September 2021

Thunder and Lightning

    Don't know if I mentioned the big storm we had a couple of nights ago - trees down, power outages etc., but I just got some water in my basement that necessitated much sponging and mopping. I will have to have someone come and fix that REAL soon!

   As a result of all the rain I have been gung-ho to pull up all the weeds in between the driveway and the sidewalk. They came out a treat and the area got a good spray of "Weed Begone". This is something that needs to be done before winter as it makes shoveling the driveway so much easier if they are not there. Hopefully that is it now taken care of.

    The storm, unfortunately, brought down most of my gigantic sunflowers and some devious animal(s) had a field day feasting on the seeds. So that left a mess to be cleared up. I think it was probably raccoons, although the squirrels may have joined in. Either way, they had a real party. The remains are now in the composter but I wouldn't be surprised if that got raided too.  


  1. That must have been such a worry and what a shame about the sunflowers. We were forecast thunder and lightning here this week but it didn't arrive. Xx

  2. Let's hope that the repair to the leaking in the basement is an easy & not too expensive a fix. The cooler temperatures along with the last 3 days of rain has me deciding that this weekend the annuals pots start their big emptying journey into the recycle bags. The petunias especially are looking quite bedraggled. That's too bad about your big sunflowers ... raccoons are in league with the squirrels, I just know it! (col).

  3. They are frequent visitors around my composter. I haven't found anyone to check out my basement leak yet. Probably busy with other peoples' wet basements.