Tuesday 7 September 2021

A Final Summer Long Weekend

    Labour Day yesterday - as far as I was concerned it was just my usual Monday. In the past (before COVID) there would have been a social at the tennis club and a barbecue lunch, but that has gone by the wayside for the last two summers, along with the Victoria Day, Canada Day and Thanksgiving socials.

    However, I have been engrossed with the U.S. Open tournament in which Canadians have been doing pretty well and there have been some spectacular matches. Today I spent a tense 2 hours watching Leylah Fernandez make her way into the semi-finals. She has just turned 19 and is one of three teenagers into the quarter finals. If she goes no further she will have covered herself with glory, without a doubt. Another Canadian is playing tonight to move into the next round but it will be a nail-biter, for sure!

    I had to have minor surgery on my outer ear this morning for a growth and it is throbbing a bit, nothing that a glass of wine won't put right. I don't have any tennis until Thursday so, hopefully, by then it will be a thing of the past. I will go back in two weeks so the doctor can check that it is all gone. Fingers crossed! 


  1. Hoping your ear feels much more comfortable now and that the medicinal glass of wine helped considerably!

    1. I had to resort to painkillers before bed but it feels a bit better today.

  2. Oh my I hope that, the surgery was a total success. A glass of wine & being lost in some thrilling competition is just what the doctor ordered :)

    That was certainly a wild storm last night, hopefully no wind damage in your area.

    1. I had some water in my basement again. Will definitely need to do something about that!