Sunday, 25 August 2019

So Lazy!

   I have been neglecting my blog recently - the weather has been too nice to sit inside typing. The days are still gloriously sunny and hot but the nights are cooling off dramatically - makes for a better night's sleep. I haven't been in the pool since last Thursday as it is only 70F and I doubt it will warm up again before it is closed next month. 

   Picking tomatoes like mad and have also had some red peppers, an eggplant and one cucumber which snuck through the fence from my neighbour's garden! I made a very tasty ratatouille last week and added chicken thighs for a very quick dinner. Tonight is fish with, of course, tomatoes (every meal must use up some tomatoes) and probably corn or peas. 

   I had a good hour and a half of tennis this morning (won one set and lost the other) and have just been vegging and reading ever since. Not much on TV tonight so I will watch a movie from the library.

   The family - including the lizard - are back in their own (renovated) home since Thursday but the cat is still here until they put everything to rights. The contractor will be back for a couple of finishing touches and then their furniture will be brought back up from the basement. I can't wait to see the "reveal"!

Second blooming of the wigelia.

The insects love these cone flowers. They have done well this year.


  1. Your wigelia bloomed a second time? Nice! Yes, the nights are definitely cooling off, aren't they? -Jenn

    1. I think it was just an errant part of the bush that hadn't bloomed earlier.

  2. Oh I wish my Wigelia had a second bloom. I am enjoying the cooler nights with the windows open a tiny bit, I think we all sleep better with fresh air. Congrats on your tennis win ... hopefully there are still days a plenty for the pool!

  3. I will have to be seriously over-heated to get in the pool now!