Saturday, 17 August 2019

Garden Plenty

   The family are staying at their trailer this weekend so I have the house to myself until Sunday evening - just the cat, the lizard and me! Their kitchen is going in (hopefully) this coming week so they may be moving back quite soon. 

   It took me a few days to get over all the excitement of the Rogers Cup and my shifts on the main gate and the final party on Sunday. By Wednesday I was more or less back to my usual routines so nothing much to report. The weather continues very summery but the evenings are cooling off. On Thursday we finally had some rain (the grandkids were in the pool having a hilarious time during the shower) and more rain this morning so the garden is losing its dry, parched look. I managed to fill a bucket of weeds this afternoon once it had dried off, then needed a swim as it is still very humid. 

    I am getting loads of tomatoes and the peppers are starting to turn red. A friend gave me some plum tomatoes on Friday so I made a sauce with them and had it for dinner. Also I dug up a few early potatoes and had them for dinner too. 

Red peppers getting there!

Some tomatoes that didn't go in the tomato sauce. I will just eat them with lunches. The yellow one on top is called Green Zebra and is supposed to have a "zippy" taste (whatever that means). I hope it is ripe, it's rather hard to judge.


  1. I do not plant any vegetables this year & I am missing having fresh tomatoes to make toasted tomato sandwiches. I hope your weekend was peaceful & restful. :)

  2. Lots of "me" time! Thanks for asking.