Tuesday, 27 August 2019

A Change in the Weather

   Damp and dreary today (very Scottish weather), tennis cancelled due to the constant drizzle although I did go down to the club to do a few chores. We have a big social coming up on Labour Day, so got a start on the preparations. 

   I had a date at the bank with Carol and Linda to add me to signing privileges for RWTO, followed by lunch at Linda's. That was it for my day so spent the rest of the afternoon reading and watching the U.S. Open. My current book, "The Suspect" by Fiona Barton, is reaching its climax but I have another waiting in the wings. Hope it is sunny and dry tomorrow!


  1. It was damp here today after the hot weather at the weekend - at least I didn't have to go and water both neighbours gardens as well as my own. RWTO?

  2. Retired Women Teachers of Ontario. I also belong to RTO (Retired Teachers of Ontario which includes male teachers).