Monday, 26 August 2019

A Great Day

    Two things to talk about today. The first was a big win at Bridge. My partner and I had been trailing all afternoon but on the last hand we had a huge win (I was playing it). We bid 3 No Trump and only lost one trick so got points for three tricks over and a bonus for making our bid game! It was quite thrilling!!

   For dinner tonight I used vegetables form the garden to make ratatouille. It was very good! I used the one and only eggplant, a couple of red peppers and  tomatoes. There was also a "bought" onion but everything else was from the garden, even the garlic. I think what made it extra tasty was the addition of a pinch of brown sugar and a splash of vinegar. There was also potato salad made with some baby potatoes I dug up. They should really have had another couple of weeks but the plants were dying off so I thought, "What the heck!", and they were small but quite ready.

   So a very good day with lots of positives - plus the U.S Open started today (Serena Williams just beat Maria Sharapova, 6-1, 6-1) so I will have plenty to watch for the next two weeks. Life is good!

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