Monday, 13 April 2015

Wall-to-wall Sunshine

     We have just experienced the first truly spring-like weekend (out without a jacket yesterday) and finally things are beginning to grow. Today started off at 10C and was up to 19C by lunch time. Now it is raining and giving the garden a good soak so there should be even more new growth by tomorrow.

   I started raking the lawns yesterday but gave up after half-an-hour to bask in the sun with a cold drink. Today I was busy out and about (invited to play bridge this afternoon) but if the weather holds, I will get the rake out again tomorrow. Then it's on to fertilizing and overseeding the lawns.

    One last picture of my Portugal trip:

Spotted outside a bar in Albufeira. Not a sentiment I particularly endorse but I have to admit to indulging while on holiday!

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