Thursday 23 April 2015

Miserable Weather

    After some truly lovely Spring weather earlier this month, it has turned nasty to end April. Lots of rain, some hail, and cold winds plus this morning there was frost on the rooftops and only zero when I got up. We haven't seen the sun all week and I have had the fire on in the evenings. Back to winter coats and gloves!

   Out for lunch (Greek chicken wrap and fries) with the Probus ladies today after a stint in the coffee shop at the Senior's Centre. This is my second lunch out this week as I was at the RWTO lunch on Tuesday. This one was much cheaper - only $12, and I have enough leftovers for supper! Tuesday's was salad, roast beef (very nice but no horseradish) and a chocolate covered cheese cake to die for! I didn't need any supper that night.

   On Tuesday we had Terry Fallis as our speaker. He's the author of many humorous books, the last one being "No Relation" which we read at my book club earlier this year. He was very amusing and kept us in stitches for an hour.

   Got my tax return completed yesterday despite several gaffs and redoings. Although I was required to pay two instalments of tax during the year I still owe them some more money which will clean me out for this month. Luckily my pension arrives before the cheque will be cashed! Converting my RRSP to a RRIF (which I was required to do because of my age)  is what put up my income but, hopefully, I will have it all straightened out before next year's return has to be completed.

   Babysat the grandkids on Saturday (what fun) and also got to see the last episode of "Downton Abbey" which I missed while I was in Portugal. It wasn't the cliffhanger I was expecting but quite a satisfying season ender. Looking forward to the next (and last) season next January. Right now I am into the second season of "Outlander", the series based on Dianne Gabaldon's books, which I love. Rather violent but very intense!

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