Sunday 19 April 2015

A Weekend at Home

   I have the fire on tonight as it is decidedly chilly. The temperature didn't get up past 12C today. Stefano is on TV frying wedges of breaded avocados in oil - looks scrumptious but a bit finicky. I love avocados but usually eat them in salads or mashed for a dip.

   A busy weekend, especially as I can now get SN1 (the tennis channel) on TV. I have been watching the tournament in Monte Carlo between shopping and chores. I was out at Markham last night to babysit the grandkids and got to see the last episode of Downton Abbey, which I missed while on vacation.

   This afternoon was the last demo practice until September. We learned or reviewed a couple of new dances. There is one more demo in June but no details yet. Too cool to work in the garden - a strong wind and not much sun. There is supposed to be rain tonight. Now Stefano is making an avocado salad with bacon! That might be one to try.

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