Wednesday 14 June 2023

Pool Problems

    Leak has been located (return line in the deep end) and will be fixed eventually. I stayed in all morning waiting for the guys to come but had to be at the Seniors' Centre for a couple of hours around noon. Wouldn't you know it, that's when they came so I missed my Fitness class for nothing!

   I really didn't need another big amount on my credit card but at least I won't have to pay it until the end of July. Jay (the arborist) is coming this week to plant my replacement tree so that will run down my bank balance a bit as well. I paid my car insurance (credit again) this week too - just one payment as I refuse to pay the fee for using the installment plan! At least I am earning lots of P.C. Points which will translate into free groceries!

Monday 12 June 2023

What to do on a Rainy Day?

    What I did today during the constant rain (yes, we finally did get a really good soaking, much needed by the garden) was work on a jigsaw puzzle that has been awaiting completion for what seems like ages. The tricky part about it was that all the pieces were irregular shapes so no help in that direction. However, now it's done and can be returned to its owner, one of my puzzle friends from Bridge. We had quite a productive exchange program going over the winter.

    The rain has finally stopped, the pool is almost filled to the brink and I won't have to add any water for a few days. Leak is still not located and fixed but I understand that the pool guys are probably busy with other emergencies so I will just have to be patient.

Saturday 10 June 2023

Out With My Camera

 A few more things blooming in my garden.

A splash of yellow by the back door. They are just starting to bloom.

This is the later Weigela. It was cut back drastically last year but has rewarded me by producing lots of blooms.

This is a perennial geranium of which I now have three clumps. It took me a while to find spots it likes but it has rewarded me by growing larger each year in all three locations.

Thursday 1 June 2023

Another First

    Had to turn on the air conditioning unit today as we were up in the 30's by noon. Unfortunately, I left the walkout partially open when I went for a nap so I was basically cooling the outdoors! Tomorrow will continue very hot but then it is set to cool down a bit over the weekend, thank goodness.

     We still don't have much humidity so things cool off considerably overnight. That's when I open all the windows and let nature's cooling system take over. Another dip today and while I was still wet from my swim I watered the veggie patch and some of the borders that are in direct sun. Also filled the bird bath where the robins can have a drink and a paddle. Other than that I have stayed indoors where it is blissfully cool!