Monday, 9 August 2021

Another Hot Spell

    Not much on the agenda today as it is so hot and humid. The humidex makes it feel like 40C! Judy and James dropped by on their way to (or from) somewhere else and James had a quick swim. Since then I have been hiding out indoors watching tennis on TV. The Canadian Open (women in Montreal and men in Toronto)  is on this week but I am quite happy to stay home and watch it in relative comfort. 

It is set to be hot all week until Friday when we are promised rain.


  1. Today was our first coolish day in probably a month or more here in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan. It will be warming up again as the weekend approaches.

    I spent 16 years of my life, all my elementary school and up to Grade 12 in Scarborough. Small world. I lived on Graylee Ave just off of Brimley Rd.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, small world indeed. I live in west Agincourt.

  2. I agree way to hot & humid to do much ... so from the comfort of A/C I watched the farmer bale the straw left from the winter wheat harvest. Thanks for the reminder about tennis, I have a friend devoted to watching, so I won't interrupt with a phone call (lol).

  3. The matches have been interesting so far.