Friday 15 November 2013

A Week of Birthdays

   This week has just flashed by - finished the paint job on Tuesday (very happy with the fresh new look), took James to play group on Wednesday and he made a very fine gingerbread boy at the craft centre, Thursday and today I got birthday gifts organized for Natalie, Steve and Alison (and bought myself a new winter coat and some lovely sherry glasses). Steve and Alison are on the 18th and 14th respectively, and Natalie's is on the 22nd.
   So, tomorrow Judy is hosting a birthday threesome with a dim sum lunch and cake. Natalie will be 6 - can't believe she is so big. I'm hoping to get some good photos of the kids but they are really uncooperative when I bring out the camera.

   I stuffed and cooked a chicken last Sunday and have been eating it ever since - two meals of the dark meat, stuffing and vegetables, and two meals of the white meat in a chcken pot pie with lots of carrots, peas and mushrooms. My fridge is almost empty - in fact I'm down to one banana, one lemon and some bread in the freezer! Shopping tomorrow.

    I managed to get one last shot of a rose in the garden, looking rather wilted but hanging in. The nights have been below zero this week and more cold weather is on the way. No Indian summer this year!

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