Sunday 28 May 2017

Everything Outdoors

   Spring is truly here and I have been outdoors almost all day. It's up in the low 20'sC and blue skies from wall to wall.

   I started the day with an hour on the tennis courts - Paul and me against Susan and Iona. We started out slowly and were 4-1 down at one point. But we came back and won the set 6-4. I guess we are slow starters!

   Home for coffee and a shower (it was sweaty weather) then I started on the grass. I cut the front before lunch, had lunch and a nap, then cut the back. It probably won't get a cut again until I am back home in two weeks. I did a bit of tidying up in the back yard and picked some rhubarb. I decided it would be pretty dried out by the time I got back so picked enough for a rhubarb crumble. It is now cooling off and I will see if Judy wants it when she comes to take me to the airport tomorrow. If not I will put it in the freezer.

   The house is tidy, my clothes are clean and I just need to pack them first thing tomorrow. I have a busy day (optometrist at 9:30, Hava java at 10:30 and Bridge at noon) but will be ready to head for the airport by 4:00 p.m.

   I am cooking a piece of pork tenderloin for dinner tonight. First I will cut it in slices, then flatten it before frying it for a few minutes - it doesn't need long. Last step will be to slather it in a tasty sauce - probably salsa as it needs to be used up, but last time I used my rhubarb chutney and it was very tasty.

   Almost everything in the fridge is used up except for my breakfast yogurt and something for lunch. I will save a banana to eat at the airport with a granola bar. You never know how long it will be to your next meal!

Friday 26 May 2017

A Better Day than Yesterday

   A much better day today although the morning was rather damp. My outdoor thermometer says it's 20C but it isn't even close to that indoors. I will need to go out and warm up soon!
   It was my day in charge at the tennis social and it took a couple of hours until the courts were dry enough to play. Only about 16 people showed up and we had to stop a couple of times when there was a little rain. I got two good sets in between the showers and was quite happy to sit and watch after that.

   I typed up the Minutes from yesterday's meeting and sent them off to the executive. That's one more job off my plate. I also cancelled the newspaper for the two weeks I am away and sorted out which clothes I am taking - some will need a wash before I pack them to freshen them up. Some I haven't worn since last summer.

   No errands today and just fish to bake for dinner. I am going to try to change my daily schedule to adjust slightly to the time change I will be experiencing next Tuesday - going to bed earlier and getting u earlier each day. Today I woke at 6:30 and will try to go to bed at 9:00 p.m. but I doubt I will be able to sleep.
Stay tuned!

Thursday 25 May 2017

A Big Mistake

   A rainy, cold day - most unseasonable, in fact it only got up to 12C and the wind was almost gale force! I got quite soaked from the car to the building when I went to the meeting this morning.

   The meeting went off OK (despite my leaving out one of the reports from the handout - it was Donna's and she took it really well). Lunch was OK, nothing special - just the usual dry chicken - but there was plenty of coffee. There was also seconds of asparagus which made up for a lot. I love asparagus!

   The rain has finally stopped but I believe we got about 20 cms. which seemingly is what we usually get in the whole month of May. No wonder the grass is growing so fast!

  Just soup and a sandwich, probably toasted cheese, for dinner tonight as I am still stuffed and am trying to eat up all the perishable stuff in the fridge before I depart on Monday. I won't be buying too many groceries on the weekend. I had a big clean up in my office this afternoon and, of course, found Donna's report, but I won't tell her. It's just too embarrassing! 

Wednesday 24 May 2017

My Day At the Senior`s Centre

   Out by 8:45 and not home until just before 3:00. The traffic lights were out on Huntingwood and the traffic was backed up with at least 30 cars in front of me at every intersection so I took a back route. It probably didn`t get me where I was going any faster but at least I was moving!

   Another lovely Spring day and I did a bit of gardening after I got home, then just lay in the sun for a while. The garden is looking very nice, I think this is my favourite time of the year, except the grass grows so fast!