Thursday, 13 November 2014


    Yes, it was snowing this morning but nothing accumulated on the ground, thank goodness. I am really dreading when we have to start shovelling the white stuff!

   I went to the golf drop-in and hit a few buckets of balls - didn't seem to improve much but if I keep it up all winter, there should be some improvement by Spring. Then over to the senior's centre to buy a coffee and check out what's going on. Just the line dancers and the routine looked pretty basic so I don't think I will sign up for that next session. I took down the phone number of the volunteer who runs the coffee bar as they are looking for spares so I will put my name down to fill in occasionally.

   I had bought all the dried fruits for the Christmas plum pudding on Tuesday (Senior's discount day at the bulk food store) so I set about preparing it when I got home. It steamed all afternoon and is now wrapped up in foil to mature for the next few weeks until we need it on Dec. 25th. I had a few leftovers so when the kids are here tomorrow (another P.D. day) they will help me make a small one for them to take home.

   I went to the pool this afternoon and managed 16 laps but the last two were considerably slower than my usual (slow) speed. I think I will stick at that for a while. It wasn't quite as busy as usual so much more enjoyable.

   Dinner tonight is chicken drumsticks which I am going to bake in the oven coated in a yogurt and honey dip, then coated with breadcrumbs. I will make some fries and I think I have some green beans in the crisper which will round out the meal nicely. Big Bang Theory on TV tonight, then Doc Martin, then Inspector George Gently so my evening is set.

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