Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A Couple of Treats

     Forgot to mention that yesterday I was the highest bidder on one of the items in the Silent Auction at our lunch. It was a collection of chutneys and relishes, left over from a sale at the convention, nine small jars for $13. That's just over $1.50 each, quite a bargain. Some I will use myself (especially the cranberry chutney!) and some I will give as hostess gifts.

   This morning I had three huge tomatoes and a hot pepper to use up so I made a batch of salsa. It turned out very well but I shouldn't have used the whole pepper as it is too hot for me! It will go to my son-in-law who loves things spicy. I had bought the pepper plants on sale at the garden centre but they had no label. I will know better next time not to take the chance.

    After that and a bit of gardening I cleaned up and walked over to the Senior's Centre for my shift in the coffee bar. Only made one pot of coffee and there was even some of that left as the classes are still out. But there was birthday cake for one of the ladies (chocolate) so I got a treat! I am wondering if I should bother going next week. It was very hot walking home so I have stayed indoors since. It is cooling off a bit now and I have the windows open. Thank goodness it gets fresher over night.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Busy, Busy

   A hectic start to the day - I was down at the tennis courts by 8:15 as no one was available to open up and start the coffee. Also the coffee creamer had gone walkabout so I had to make a quick run down to the store to stock up.

   Next stop was the RWTO meeting and I made it there by 9:10 giving me time to lay out the name tags and the book sale before the meeting started. Finished the meeting by 11:00 and I sold 59 books today ($29.50), a record! Then lunch at noon, salad, roast beef with veggies and horseradish. The caterer serves rice and potatoes with the meals which seems an inordinate amount of carbs so I don't eat either but the rest was quite filling. Apple pie and ice cream with coffee for dessert. I will just have a bowl of soup for dinner tonight. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Good News

   Money problem solved with one phone call to the bank and another to the Builder. The money is back in my account and lots of apologies all round. So I should make it to the end of the month.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Money Problems

   Another scorcher today. It was 28C when I was coming home from demo practice around 4:00 p.m. Got a nasty shock at the bank machine - my chequing account was almost empty. I usually have a cushion of around $1000 but there was only $80! I immediately suspected what had happened - the post dated cheque I had written to the guys doing the path had gone through. Grrrr! I will have a talk with them and the bank tomorrow and see what they will do. Also the telecom company charged me more than the agreed upon payment I negotiated last week. Another phone call to make tomorrow.

    We only played tennis for an hour this morning - as there were just three of us we had to play Australian singles ( the server has the singles court) which is much more tiring. I was the first to bail out but I did win two of my singles games. The effort was just too much!

   The second episode of Outlander is on TV tonight so I will have a quick dinner, tidy the kitchen and settle in for good hour in front of the set. I missed the Davis Cup match this afternoon but Canada was victorious!